Agent Undercover

Agent Undercover 2

Agent Undercover

Agent Undercover is a simple and fun tool that you can use to punch "holes" through all the open Windows or applications running on your desktop.

Punching a hole on the top Window will enable you to see what is going on with the Window underneath it. You can blow off some steam or express some frustration with work through Agent Undercover.

Tear a hole on your program window, punch holes, make a shape out of holes, do anything. This program will let you punch holes of any shape or depth.

But the important thing is: all programs remain functional even if you put holes in them. No programs are actually affected by the holes made by Agent Undercover and will only be removed when you exit the current program or by direct order.

The holes remain even if you resize the window of your applications, move or minimize them. Overall, this software is fun and simple. Maybe a little helpful to release some stress.

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